AGU presentations by M²LInES team members

Schedule of AGU presentations from team members

Monday Dec 13th

  • 12:53 CST Feiyu Lu “Prediction and Attribution of the Western North America heatwave in June-July of 2021”. Abstract

  • 14:50 CST Will Chapman “Skillful Wintertime Temperature Forecasts out to 6 Weeks with Machine Learning Methods over the America’s”. Abstract

  • 14:51 CST Janni Yuval “Neural-Network Parameterization of Subgrid Momentum Transport Learned from a High-Resolution Simulation”. Abstract

Tuesday Dec 14th

  • 9:55 CST Ziwei Li “A Conceptual Model for Tropical Convective Organization”. Abstract

  • 13:05 CST Pierre Gentine “Soil moisture-vapor pressure deficit and the key role of land-atmosphere feedback and causality (Invited)”. Abstract

  • 16-18 CST Judith Berner poster “Benefits of stochastic parameterizations in subseasonal to seasonal forecasts with CESM2”. Abstract

Thursday Dec 16th

  • 10:05 CST Pierre Gentine “Hybrid physics-machine learning of atmospheric processes (Invited)”. Abstract

  • 10:25 CST Arthur Guillaumin “Stochastic Deep Learning Parameterization of Ocean Momentum Forcing”. Abstract

  • 12:48 CST Judith Berner “State-dependent forecast skill on the S2S-timescale:An application of the python forecast verification package “climpred””. Abstract

Friday Dec 17th

  • 8:56 CST Laure Zanna “Interpretable Equation-Discovery for Ocean Mesoscale Parameterizations (Invited)”. Abstract

  • 14:55 CST Paul O’Gorman “Dynamic and thermodynamic contributions to changes in precipitation extremes in quasi-global simulations at high resolution (Invited)”. Abstract

  • 16:18 CST Laure Zanna “Climate Modeling in the Age of Machine Learning (Invited)”. Abstract