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Upcoming talks

  • Pierre Gentine - The Artificial Intelligence for Good Group - Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Better Project Climate Change? on May 4th Register

  • Laure Zanna will be giving a joing plenary talk with Galen McKinley on M²LInES and LEAP on June 13th at the 2022 CESM Workshop. Info and registration at this website

Past talks

Themes of the talks:

  • 📊 Big data
  • 💻 Machine Learning
  • 🎆 Physics discovery
  • 🌎 Modeling


  • Laure Zanna - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Online implementation of Machine Learning Eddy Parameterizations in a Hierarchy of Ocean Models 💻 🎆 🌎 Mar 4th Video
  • Mitch Bushuk - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Mechanisms of Regional Arctic Sea Ice Predictability in Dynamical Seasonal Forecast Systems 🎆 Mar 3rd Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. OpenOceanCloud: A New Approach to Ocean Data and Computing 📊 Mar 3rd Abstract
  • Lorenzo Zampieri - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. A machine learning correction model for the warm bias over Arctic sea ice in atmospheric reanalyses 💻 🎆 Mar 1st Video
  • Dhruv Balwada - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Tracer Ventilation, Stirring, and Variability in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current 🎆 Mar 1st Video
  • Aakash Sane - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Parameterizing Vertical Turbulent Mixing Coefficients In The Ocean Surface Boundary Layer Using Neural Networks 💻 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Brandon Reichl - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. A potential energy analysis of ocean surface mixed layers 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Andrew Ross - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Evaluating machine learning parameterizations of ocean subgrid forcing 💻 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Dhruv Balwada - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Direct observational estimate of the dual kinetic energy cascade and its seasonality at the surface ocean from surface drifters 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - Ocean Data Conference: OpenOceanCloud - Transforming oceanography with a new approach to data and computing 📊 Feb 15th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - The National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate: workshop AI for Earth Sciences. 📊 💻 🎆 Feb 10th
  • Pierre Gentine - The National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate: workshop AI for Earth Sciences. 💻 🎆 Feb 7th
  • Laure Zanna - UW Data-driven methods in science and engineering seminar: Data-driven turbulence closures for ocean and climate models: advances and challenges. 💻 🎆 Feb 4th Video


  • Joan Bruna - Deep Learning Barcelona: Geometric Deep Learning: Prospects and Challenges. 💻 Dec 22nd Video
  • AGU - Dec 13th-17th 2021 Find the list of talks and posters by our team members in our latest newsletter. 📊 💻 🎆 Newsletter
  • Laure Zanna - NeurIPS: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences: The future of climate modeling in the age of machine learning (invited). 💻 🎆 Dec 13th More Info
  • Judith Berner - ASP S2S Colloquium 2021: S2S predictability and uncertainty. 🎆 🌎 Dec 7th Video
  • Joan Bruna - UW Data-driven methods in science and engineering seminar: Mathematical Prospects and Challenges of Machine Learning in the Physical World. 💻 🎆 Dec 3rd Video
  • Laure Zanna - DOE AI4ESP workshop: AI for Oceans: Improving Climate Projections. 💻 🎆 Dec 1st Video
  • Pierre Gentine - AI For Good: Better Better — machine learning for improved climate models and projections. 💻 🎆 Nov 17th Video
  • Laure Zanna - AI For Good: Bridging observations and numerical modelling of the ocean using machine learning. 💻 🎆 Nov 10th Video
  • Paul O' Gorman and Janni Yuval - AI for Good: Improving rainfall and water-cycle projections through machine learning. 💻 🎆 Nov 3rd Video
  • Pierre Gentine - DOE AI4ESP workshop: Potential of Machine Learning for Climate Modeling. 💻 🎆 Nov 2nd Video
  • Laure Zanna - Podcast “Climate Now”: Improving Climate Models with Machine Learning. 💻 🎆 Nov 2nd Listen
  • KITP Conference: Machine Learning for Climate. Talks are available here. In particular:
    • Laure Zanna - Machine Learning for Ocean Closures: Advances and Lessons. 💻 🎆 Nov 1st Video
    • Alistair Adcroft - Towards using machine learning in real climate models. 💻 🌎 Nov 1st Video
  • Paul O' Gorman - ESSICUMD: Changing Precipitation and the Potential for Machine Learning To Improve Climate Predictions. 💻 🎆 Oct 14th Video
  • Pierre Gentine KGML 2021: Hybrid modeling (Physics + Machine Learning)to improve predictions of the hydrological cycle. 💻 🎆 Aug 13th Video
  • Joan Bruna - MSRI Summer School, Mathematics of Deep Learning. 💻 Aug 5-7th Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  • Laure Zanna - One World Mathematics: Climate Modeling in the Age of Machine Learning. 💻 🎆 July 6th Video
  • Joan Bruna - IPAM: Sparse Linear Programming and (simple) neural networks. 💻 Mar 4th Video
  • Joan Bruna - Paris AI Research Institute: Mathematical aspects of neural network approximation and learning. 💻 Feb 11th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - ECMWF: Pangeo Forge. 📊 Feb 10th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - National Academies “Ocean Decade: U.S. Launch Meeting”: OceanCloud: Transforming oceanography with a new approach to data and computing. 📊 Feb 4th Video
  • Laure Zanna - 2021 CESM Ocean Model: Discovering equations from data for ocean mesoscale parametrizations. 💻 🎆 Feb 3rd Video


  • Ryan Abernathey - JupyterCon 2020: Cloud Native Repositories for Big Scientific Data. 📊 Nov 3rd Video
  • Marika Holland - CAMEE Research Seminar: Using Climate Models to predict changing Arctic sea ice. 🎆 🌎 Oct 23rd Video
  • Laure Zanna - IMSI: Blending Physics and Machine Learning for Climate Projections. 💻 🎆 Oct 9th Video
  • Pierre Gentine - AI4ESS Summer School: Physics-guided Machine Learning. 💻 🎆 Jun 26th Video
  • Marika Holland - M6 L5: Climate Modeling to Understand a Changing Arctic. 🎆 🌎 Mar 17th Video


  • Marika Holland - IASC Medal 2019: Perspectives on Predicting Arctic Sea Ice From Seasons to Centuries. 🎆 🌎 May 31st Video
  • Julie Deshayes - Museum national d’Histoire naturelle The Oceanic Change (in French). 🎆 🌎 May 22nd Video
  • Alistair Adcroft - 2019 SIAM conference: Challenges in modelling the oceans for climate. 🎆 🌎 Feb Video

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