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Upcoming talks

AGU Fall meeting 2022 - Dec 12th-16th You can find all the talks and posters our members will be giving at the AGU Fall meeting in our most recent newsletter. You can also download the schedule for the talks by following this link.

Past talks

Themes of the talks:

  • 📊 Big data
  • 💻 Machine Learning
  • 🎆 Physics discovery
  • 🌎 Modeling


  • Pierre Gentine - Columbia Center of AI Technology - Physics to Machine Learning and Machine Learning Back to Physics 💻 🎆 ; December 7th
  • Laure Zanna - Hammers and Nails 2022 - Ai for Climate Physics 💻 🎆 🌎 ; August 4th. Slides
  • Laure Zanna - SIAM conference on Mathematics for Planet Earth - plenary talk 💻 🎆 🌎 ; July 13th. More info at this website
  • Janni Yuval - 23rd AMS Conference on Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics Neural-network parameterization of subgrid momentum transport learned from a high-resolution simulation 💻 🎆 June 16th.
  • Laure Zanna - 2022 CESM Workshop - joint plenary talk with Galen McKinley on M²LInES and LEAP. 💻 🎆 🌎 June 13th Video
  • Laure Zanna - NCAR Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Laboratory. Machine Learning for Mesoscale Closures in Ocean Models. 💻 🎆 🌎 June 2nd Video
  • Pierre Gentine - The Artificial Intelligence for Good Group. Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Better Project Climate Change? 💻 🎆 🌎 May 4th
  • Andrew Ross - Panel discussion on the future of model interpretability at the ICLR workshop on AI for Earth and Space Science. Website (You can find the panel on the top main video at 7:49:25). April 29th
  • Laure Zanna - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Online implementation of Machine Learning Eddy Parameterizations in a Hierarchy of Ocean Models 💻 🎆 🌎 Mar 4th Video
  • Mitch Bushuk - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Mechanisms of Regional Arctic Sea Ice Predictability in Dynamical Seasonal Forecast Systems 🎆 Mar 3rd Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. OpenOceanCloud: A New Approach to Ocean Data and Computing 📊 Mar 3rd Abstract
  • Lorenzo Zampieri - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. A machine learning correction model for the warm bias over Arctic sea ice in atmospheric reanalyses 💻 🎆 Mar 1st Video
  • Dhruv Balwada - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Tracer Ventilation, Stirring, and Variability in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current 🎆 Mar 1st Video
  • Aakash Sane - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Parameterizing Vertical Turbulent Mixing Coefficients In The Ocean Surface Boundary Layer Using Neural Networks 💻 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Brandon Reichl - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. A potential energy analysis of ocean surface mixed layers 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Andrew Ross - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Evaluating machine learning parameterizations of ocean subgrid forcing 💻 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Dhruv Balwada - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. Direct observational estimate of the dual kinetic energy cascade and its seasonality at the surface ocean from surface drifters 🎆 Feb 28th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - Ocean Data Conference: OpenOceanCloud - Transforming oceanography with a new approach to data and computing 📊 Feb 15th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - The National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate: workshop AI for Earth Sciences. 📊 💻 🎆 Feb 10th
  • Pierre Gentine - The National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate: workshop AI for Earth Sciences. 💻 🎆 Feb 7th
  • Laure Zanna - UW Data-driven methods in science and engineering seminar: Data-driven turbulence closures for ocean and climate models: advances and challenges. 💻 🎆 Feb 4th Video


  • Joan Bruna - Deep Learning Barcelona: Geometric Deep Learning: Prospects and Challenges. 💻 Dec 22nd Video
  • AGU - Dec 13th-17th 2021 Find the list of talks and posters by our team members in our latest newsletter. 📊 💻 🎆 Newsletter
  • Laure Zanna - NeurIPS: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences: The future of climate modeling in the age of machine learning (invited). 💻 🎆 Dec 13th More Info
  • Judith Berner - ASP S2S Colloquium 2021: S2S predictability and uncertainty. 🎆 🌎 Dec 7th Video
  • Joan Bruna - UW Data-driven methods in science and engineering seminar: Mathematical Prospects and Challenges of Machine Learning in the Physical World. 💻 🎆 Dec 3rd Video
  • Laure Zanna - DOE AI4ESP workshop: AI for Oceans: Improving Climate Projections. 💻 🎆 Dec 1st Video
  • Pierre Gentine - AI For Good: Better Better — machine learning for improved climate models and projections. 💻 🎆 Nov 17th Video
  • Laure Zanna - AI For Good: Bridging observations and numerical modelling of the ocean using machine learning. 💻 🎆 Nov 10th Video
  • Paul O' Gorman and Janni Yuval - AI for Good: Improving rainfall and water-cycle projections through machine learning. 💻 🎆 Nov 3rd Video
  • Pierre Gentine - DOE AI4ESP workshop: Potential of Machine Learning for Climate Modeling. 💻 🎆 Nov 2nd Video
  • Laure Zanna - Podcast “Climate Now”: Improving Climate Models with Machine Learning. 💻 🎆 Nov 2nd Listen
  • KITP Conference: Machine Learning for Climate. Talks are available here. In particular:
    • Laure Zanna - Machine Learning for Ocean Closures: Advances and Lessons. 💻 🎆 Nov 1st Video
    • Alistair Adcroft - Towards using machine learning in real climate models. 💻 🌎 Nov 1st Video
  • Paul O' Gorman - ESSICUMD: Changing Precipitation and the Potential for Machine Learning To Improve Climate Predictions. 💻 🎆 Oct 14th Video
  • Pierre Gentine KGML 2021: Hybrid modeling (Physics + Machine Learning)to improve predictions of the hydrological cycle. 💻 🎆 Aug 13th Video
  • Joan Bruna - MSRI Summer School, Mathematics of Deep Learning. 💻 Aug 5-7th Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  • Laure Zanna - One World Mathematics: Climate Modeling in the Age of Machine Learning. 💻 🎆 July 6th Video
  • Joan Bruna - IPAM: Sparse Linear Programming and (simple) neural networks. 💻 Mar 4th Video
  • Joan Bruna - Paris AI Research Institute: Mathematical aspects of neural network approximation and learning. 💻 Feb 11th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - ECMWF: Pangeo Forge. 📊 Feb 10th Video
  • Ryan Abernathey - National Academies “Ocean Decade: U.S. Launch Meeting”: OceanCloud: Transforming oceanography with a new approach to data and computing. 📊 Feb 4th Video
  • Laure Zanna - 2021 CESM Ocean Model: Discovering equations from data for ocean mesoscale parametrizations. 💻 🎆 Feb 3rd Video


  • Ryan Abernathey - JupyterCon 2020: Cloud Native Repositories for Big Scientific Data. 📊 Nov 3rd Video
  • Marika Holland - CAMEE Research Seminar: Using Climate Models to predict changing Arctic sea ice. 🎆 🌎 Oct 23rd Video
  • Laure Zanna - IMSI: Blending Physics and Machine Learning for Climate Projections. 💻 🎆 Oct 9th Video
  • Pierre Gentine - AI4ESS Summer School: Physics-guided Machine Learning. 💻 🎆 Jun 26th Video
  • Marika Holland - M6 L5: Climate Modeling to Understand a Changing Arctic. 🎆 🌎 Mar 17th Video


  • Marika Holland - IASC Medal 2019: Perspectives on Predicting Arctic Sea Ice From Seasons to Centuries. 🎆 🌎 May 31st Video
  • Julie Deshayes - Museum national d’Histoire naturelle The Oceanic Change (in French). 🎆 🌎 May 22nd Video
  • Alistair Adcroft - 2019 SIAM conference: Challenges in modelling the oceans for climate. 🎆 🌎 Feb Video

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